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The Norm Newhouse Show Frequently (& Infrequently!) Asked Questions

Hello! Are you a comedian, stage performer, musician, juggler, ventriloquist…mime? Yes? Then we want you! Well, maybe not mimes. But everyone else, if you’ve got talent, we want to see it and maybe, just maybe, air it on the all new late night TV talk show The Norm Newhouse Show!

The Norm Newhouse Show is an off-the-wall, independently-produced late night talk show in pre-production that will showcase the talents of independent, unsigned, undiscovered up-and-coming artists and stage performers. The show is slated to air weekly on this TV network, Right Now Tv.

Got more questions? We bet you do! Keep reading! Read it all and still have questions? No problem! Email our producer Norm Kaiser and he’ll answer them all. You got questions? He’s got answers! Email him at norm.kaiser@rightnowtv.net.

But first, most of your answers are right here below. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

What is The Norm Newhouse Show?

The Norm Newhouse Show is an off-the-wall, independently produced late night talk show in pre-production that will showcase the talents of independent, unsigned, undiscovered up-and-coming artists and stage performers. The show is slated to air weekly on this TV network, Right Now Tv. Each episode will have featured performers. The show will have a host and a co-host. The hosts will promote each of the week’s performers — bio, what’s so great about them, where they’ll scheduled to perform next, etc. We’ll really make you look like a million bucks!

Is the show on the air now?

Not yet. We’re currently producing it.

How will I appear on the show?

You submit a high-quality, HD video of yourself performing your act in front of a live audience. Our producers will review all the submissions and pick out the best ones. The winning videos will be aired on the show!

So I won’t appear live on the show?

No. Not to start out, anyway. To launch the show we will feature videos of performers performing in their own native venues (comedy clubs, concert venues, nightclubs, etc.). If the show takes off and lands some good sponsors, we may fly in performers to do their act on camera in our studio. We’ll see! We have to get the show off the ground first.

Will I  be paid for my video?

To get The Norm Newhouse Show launched, all performances will be “open mic.” That means we will not be paying for videos. If the show takes off and we land some good sponsors, we will then hopefully be able to pay for videos in the future. But we have to get the show going first! But! If you’re already doing open mic gigs or if you are already posting your videos on YouTube, why wouldn’t you do this?! You’d be crazy not to! The show is going to be on broadcast TV in the Los Angeles area, Nashville, Salt Lake City, Fresno, Knoxville, Columbus, Ohio, and many, many other big cities across the US! It’s a great way to get your act seen! And you have nothing to lose! We like to see it as a form of free advertising for the performers who participate.

If I submit a video of my act, will you own it?

No! All you’re giving us is permission to air your act, song, video, stage performance, or whatever talent you’re showcasing. You’re free to post or air your video anywhere else. It’s yours. You’re just letting us show it.

Are there content restrictions?

Yes. This is broadcast TV. So due to FCC regulations, all content must be safe for all viewing audiences. In other words, no F-bombs, no dirty jokes, no vulgar language, no sexual innuendo, no hate speech, nothing inflammatory, and nothing overtly political.

Wait…did you say nothing political?

Yes. We want The Norm Newhouse Show to be as inclusive as possible. We want it to be a show that all Americans can enjoy…so that’s why we keep out the politics. Now…political jokes can be occasionally acceptable so long as they make fun of both sides.

How long should my video be?

Each video should be between 4 to 6 minutes long.

What’s the catch?

There is no catch. You have nothing to lose. You submit your video. We watch it. If we like it, we ask for your permission and then we air it. That’s all there is to it! Then people in Nashville, Knoxville, Salt Lake City or wherever else might be channel surfing one night and stumble upon you!

How do I submit my video?

Easy! Just go here: www.RightNowTelevision.com/NNH

What if I don’t have a video?

Record one! Nowadays you can use a quality smart phone to record great HD videos! Do this:

  • Get booked at a comedy club near you.
  • Make sure the club has a good stage with good lighting and a good PA system.
  • Ask the club manager if it’s OK to video. Almost all will say yes.
  • Use a quality smart phone (borrow one if you need to!).
  • Get an inexpensive smart phone tripod. You can buy one at Walmart or Amazon.
  • Set the camera or smart phone on the tripod.
  • Frame the shot so that you’re perfectly in the middle of the viewfinder.
  • Set the camera to shoot at its highest resolution. Shoot in 4K if the camera supports it.
  • Press RECORD and do your set! That’s all there is to it!

Got more questions? No problem! Contact us! Send an email to norm.kaiser@rightnowtv.net!