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Never Press 13 Submissions

Hello! Are you the producer of a short horror, sci fi, or thriller movie, 5 – 20 minutes long? Would you like to air it on broadcast television in large cities all over the US, including Los Angeles, Nashville, Salt Lake City, Knoxville, Las Vegas, Fresno, and many, many more?

Then submit your movie for consideration to be aired on the new TV show Never Press 13.

Never Press 13 is a new, independently-produced anthology TV show that will air on the broadcast television network Right Now Tv. The show will feature short horror, sci fi, and thrillers in the vein of classic anthology shows like The Twilight Zone and Tales of Tomorrow.

Interested? Then keep reading! Read it all and still have questions? No problem! Email our producer Norm Kaiser and he’ll answer them all. You got questions? He’s got answers! Email him at norm.kaiser@rightnowtv.net.

But first, most of your answers are right here below. Please read everything carefully and completely. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

What is Never Press 13?

Never Press 13 will be a 30 minute anthology TV show that showcases independently-produced short horror, sci fi, and thriller films. The show will be hosted by a “straight-laced” host, not a comedy horror character.

Is the show on the air now?

Not yet. We’re currently producing it.

Is this like a late night hosted comedy horror show?

No. The intent of the show is to be “straight-laced” and dead serious, along the lines of the classic anthology shows of the 1950s and 1960s like The Twilight Zone and Tales of Tomorrow. There will be a “serious” host who will intro each film with that sort of uneasy, spooky Rod Serling delivery.

Great! What films are eligible for consideration?

This is extremely important! Please read this entire section!

Right Now Tv is a broadcast television network that is available both over the air and on some cable carriers. As such, the network is regulated by the FCC and must meet FCC broadcast standards. What does that mean? It means your submission must meet all of the following criteria:

  • No vulgar language. The following words are not permitted: F*ck, p*ss, sh*t, God d*mn, Jesus Christ, and any of the other foul words that reference genitalia or private parts. If your film contains any of this language, it must be edited out or is not eligible. Please do not submit. No exceptions.
  • No gore. A quick shot of small blood is acceptable, but any gratuitous stabbing, throat cutting, chopping, decapitations, dismemberment, gunshots to the head, etc. are not acceptable. Please do not submit.
  • No religious statements or religious overtones. This means exorcisms, the devil, statements for or against a particular religious belief or denomination, etc. Please do not submit.
  • All films must be in English. Subtitles are not acceptable.
  • No sex or nudity. None. Absolutely none. No grinding, humping, groping, licking, or anything else. No partial nudity. No sexual innuendo. A man and a woman kissing the way they traditionally do at a wedding is acceptable; tongue is not. Please do not submit.
  • No political statements. This is not a political show. Please do not submit.
  • No racist, sexist, bigoted, or offensive material. Please do not submit.

Is there any compensation for my film?

This is an important question so please read carefully. The compensation model for Never Press 13 is a revenue share. Since this is a 30 minute show, the network has granted us two and a half minutes of commercial advertising. We have a dedicated advertising firm that will place per inquiry advertisements into the two and a half minutes the network has granted us. Any money made from these per inquiry commercials will be pooled and then evenly distributed among all the producers who have submitted videos for the show.

Wait. What was that about the revenue share? And what is per inquiry advertising?

Per inquiry advertising is an extremely common form of advertising in broadcast television. A great example is the My Pillow. My Pillow ad runs on a given network and if someone calls in to order a My Pillow, the network gets a commission off the sale. The network only gets a commission if a sale is made.

Since Never Press 13 is a brand new show featuring unknown, independently-produced films, this is the only advertising model that is workable.

So how much money will I make?

It all depends on how popular the show becomes and how many people order products from the advertisements. So it could be hundreds of dollars, thousands of dollars, pennies, or nothing.

The advertising money is going to be shared?

Yes. Each season of Never Press 13 will consist of 13 episodes. Each director/producer whose film is selected will receive a percentage of the total revenue earned by all 13 episodes. Think of a casino. If you tip a dealer at a casino, the tip goes in a bucket and then at the end of the night the tips are split evenly between the dealers. We’re using a similar model for our revenue share.

It encourages each participating producer to promote the entire series, not just the individual episode his or her film appears in. That way we build an organic promotional team for social media and word of mouth.

So the more you promote, the greater your potential earnings and the larger the potential audience for your movie will be!

How much will my share be?

Depends on how many films get accepted. As a general rule you will receive one share per film you submit that gets used on the show. We anticipate our first 13 episode season will require 25 – 30 short films. That means the revenue pool will be split 25 or 30 ways. If you submit two films that get accepted, you get two shares. Three films and you get three shares…and so on.

How long should my movie be?

Each submission must be between 5 and 20 minutes long.

What are the technical specifications for a submission?

Each submission must adhere to the following specifications:

  • Full HD, 1080p, 30 frames per second.
  • You must have all rights to the music used in your film.
  • 5 – 20 minutes in length.
  • 16:9 aspect. Standard definition films that are stretched to fill the aspect will be rejected.
  • Films that are shot in 1.85:1 and 2.39:1 must be zoomed to 16:9.
  • All titles, logos, and credits must be removed. Please do not submit otherwise.
  • Audio must never clip and dialogue must be captured with an off-camera microphone.

Do I lose or give up the rights to my film?

No! You 100% retain all rights to your film, script, story, and everything else. The only thing you’re giving us is your permission to air it. Your movie remains yours and you are free to air it anywhere else, sell it, etc. However, once you’ve given us signed permission to air it, that’s it. We have your permission. You can’t come back a month or year later and demand that we not air it anymore.

What’s the catch?

There is no catch. You have nothing to lose. You submit your film. We watch it. If we like it, we ask for your permission and then we air it. That’s all there is to it! Then people in Los Angeles, Nashville, Knoxville, Salt Lake City or wherever else might be channel surfing one night and stumble upon your movie! And if the per inquiry ads make money, you get your cut.

How do I submit my video?

Easy! Just keep scrolling and fill out the submission form. Remember, submitting a video does not guarantee it will be used. We are only using the best ones.

What if my movie isn’t finished? What if I only have a script looking for a cast?

This offer is for fully finished films only. Please do not contact us with scripts, script ideas, requests for assistance with filming, producing, or funding.

Got more questions? No problem! Contact us! Send an email to norm.kaiser@rightnowtv.net!

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