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Yesterland Waltz is the hilarious TV show that features clips from classic TV shows and movies, hosted by the incomparably funny comedian Justin Michaels.
What’s it about? Well, imagine this. You’re an aspiring actor and you believe you’ve signed a contract to host your very own late night talk show…the next David Letterman! But then it turns out your talent agent conned you. You’re not hosting a late night talk show at all; you’re hosting a classic TV clip show, which, to say the least, isn’t where you envisioned your acting career going!
So what do you do? Well, you try to get yourself fired, of course! And then that’s when all mayhem breaks out!
Then add in a zany cast of characters, a laughably incompetent cameraman, a beleaguered show producer, a quack doctor or two, an ambulance-chasing lawyer, a bubble-headed bleach blonde, a 350 lb pro wrestler, a few mobsters, and an irritating talking purple puppet and you get Yesterland Waltz!