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Come learn how to cook from the master chef with pizzazz, Ace Champion!

Ace Champion is a native of Louisiana, the state with food as legendary as its namesake. Ace specializes in Cajun/Creole cooking, the style prevalent in New Orleans. His nearly twenty years of culinary experience includes Executive Chef, Event Coordinator, Personal Chef and cooking class instructor. He is a graduate of the Fox Valley Tech Culinary Arts program.

Chef Champion cooks with a strong passion and makes it his priority to educate himself, so in return he can educate others who struggle with cooking. His unique style of cooking fuses cultures and ingredients to create flavors that can only be created by the hands of a Champion.

I now understand my purpose in life, and that is to teach the world everything I can about food for the mind, body and soul. Good food, good time, good health – the three ‘goods’ that good food brings.

Ace Champion